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EGO Transtating Company in the latest ranking of the best suppliers of language services.


Last week, the analytical agency Common Sense Advisory published its latest ranking of the best suppliers of language services.


According to the 12-th annual study by the international analytical agency Common Sense Advisory, EGO Translating Company had made a tradition of consistently being among the largest translation companies in the world and Eastern Europe by the end of 2015.

The independent agency Common Sense Advisory has published its annual global rating of the "TOP-100" translation companies, as well as a number of regional rankings with an overview of providers of language services as of year-end 2015. EGO Translating Company reentered the list of industry leaders, ranking 89-th in the world and 6-th among translation companies in Eastern Europe (according to the agency’s classification, Russia is included in this region).

According to some sources, the volume of the global translation market is estimated at about 40.3 bln US dollars as of year-end 2015. North America and Western Europe still remain the largest market in terms of world regions where the history of the mature translation industry is the most extensive.>

The CSA survey showed that demand for language services and technology had risen by 5.52%. As part of its research, CSA asked suppliers to show their actual income from linguistic services for 2014 and 2015, as well as to provide their own forecast for 2016. The review confirms that the market continues to grow; however, the current growth rate of 5.52% is less dynamic relative to last year's 6.46%.

The linguistic “giants” (Lionbridge, Transperfect and HPE ACG) once again took the top spots on the TOP-3 list.

According to various estimates, the volume of the Russian market ranges from 500 to 650 mln US dollars with a growth rate of just over 10% in 2015. The market is highly competitive and hard to estimate, particularly when gauging the business volumes generated by freelance personnel and companies’ individual translation divisions. Among the largest Russian players included in the global rating of the Common Sense Advisory TOP-100, EGO Translating Company keeps company with Abbyy Language Services, Neotech, Translink, Janus and Logrus.

Despite the ongoing crisis for Russian linguistic market, EGO Translating Company has improved its position in Eastern Europe by one spot on the rating list, claiming its rightful 6-th place.

Common Sense Advisory – an independent international research organization based in Massachusetts, USA.