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Nostrification is the procedure for recognition of foreign educational documents. This procedure is required in cases where a document holder plans to continue his/her education or professional activity in the Russian Federation. Nostrification is only necessary for those countries with which Russia has no agreements on the recognition of educational documents. The procedure is executed in Moscow.

EGO Translating Company provides professional assistance to its clients in passing nostrification. When enlisting our services, you save time and achieve a guaranteed result.

List of documents necessary for nostrification:
1) An original educational certificate with an attachment thereto, which need to be recognised in Russia;
2) Translation of an educational certificate and an attachment thereto into the Russian language with the notarised signature of a translator;
3) A copy of the document holder's passport, with a translation into the Russian language;
4) A document confirming name and/or surname change.

Please note that, in order to pass through the nostrification procedure in Russia, these foreign educational documents shall bear a mark of consular legalisation or be endorsed with the apostille of an issuing country.

For example, if you receive a diploma of higher education in Canada then the nostrification procedure is required in order for you to enter a postgraduate programme in the Russian Federation. Such a nostrification procedure is only possible in case of the document’s legalisation in Canada. Unless your Canadian diploma bears a mark of consular legalisation, nostrification in the Russian Federation is not possible. Therefore, before leaving a country in which you studied, you should take care of your educational documents’ legalisation.

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