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Consecutive Interpreting

We create an ambient environment that facilitates effective communication between people from different countries

Interpreting services are always in demand, be it during business negotiations, training sessions, guided tours, telephone conversations, while meeting foreign guests, or on many other occasions.

Such events often require consecutive interpreting, i.e. relating speech segments consecutively, by pieces of discourse or by sentences, after the speaker.

EGO Translating Company provides consecutive interpreting services for any high-level event or international project:

  • Interpreting at seminars, training sessions and workshops;
  • Escort interpreting at meetings or during business trips;
  • Interpreting at press conferences and presentations;
  • Interpreting at exposition stands;
  • Interpreting at receptions and festive events;
  • Interpreting during equipment commissioning, as well as operational training conducted by foreign specialists.
  • Interpreting during court hearings, document signing and notarial certification;
  • Conducting tours;
  • Dubbing films, videos and presentations.

Our experience in consecutive interpreting


EGO Translating Company is engaged in more than 1,000 consecutive interpreting projects per year, both in Russia abroad.

Our experience in providing consecutive interpreting services covers numerous industries, including the nuclear industry, machine building, power engineering, oil and gas, metallurgy, economics and finance, telecommunications and IT, sports, MICE, culture and arts, tourism and many others.

Our most often requested languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. However, interpreting from rare languages such as Swahili, Amharic, Malay, and Afrikaans is in increasing demand.

In recent years, the company has provided consecutive interpreting services for the following projects:

  • Official visits;
  • Business negotiations;
  • Commissioning of equipment;
  • Seminars and training sessions.

Specific nature of consecutive interpreting

Selection of a consecutive interpreter takes into account:

  • A degree in linguistics;
  • Work experience;
  • Area of expertise and industry-specific knowledge;
  • Proficiency in cross-cultural communication, international protocol and business etiquette.

A consecutive interpreter often stands by the speaker's side. Important traits in such specialists are therefore their ability to behave in public, their eloquence, and their ability to adopt a physical appearance appropriate for a particular event of any level.

To ensure successful implementation of a consecutive interpreting project, our managers:

  • Define project parameters, e.g. industry, subject area, working languages and format;
  • Assign a consecutive interpreter for the project;
  • Provide interpreters with all necessary information, such as the event programme, speakers’ presentations, client's industry-specific glossaries, technical documentation and any other requirements;
  • Approve working conditions with the client;
  • Ensure compliance with the client's requirements.

What distinguishes us among ordinary language service providers:

  • Professional management;
  • Selection of interpreters with experience and expertise in a specific subject area;
  • Ability to provide interpreting services in all language pairs and disciplines;
  • Continuously updated database of linguists.

The cost of consecutive interpreting is determined using the following criteria: status of the event, source and target languages, subject area, event location, duration of work. Our manager will take all of your requirements into account and prepare a quote for our consecutive interpreting services.