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Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Graphic Design

All types of DTP and graphic design services to match your needs

In the field of document translation, DTP refers to the adjustment of translated material in accordance with the formatting of source material or a client's specifications. In the first instance, DTP formatting of source material is fully maintained in the translated document to the last detail; in the second instance, formatting complies with requirements prescribed by the client. As a result, a client receives formatted documents as required.

A wide range of services

EGO Translating Company provides the following DTP and graphic design-related services:
• Digital conversion
• Layout of pages in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.
• Layout of pages in Visio, AutoCAD.
• Layout of pages in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, CorelDraw etc.
• Processing and layout of graphic elements.
• Polygraphic layout for replication, polygraphic printing etc.
• Layout of drawings (monolingual/bilingual; hard copy/electronic format).
• Customised design of materials.

When source files are received in a non-editable format, or when it is necessary to provide a client with translation in MS Word format rather than the source file format (e.g. translation of drawings), a source file is а subject to optical character recognition - meaning digital conversion of the text to be translated into an editable format.

MS Word is the basic programme for layout of translated documentation is MS Word. However, EGO Translating Company also offers layout services in other specialised programmes such as InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Compas and many others.

EGO Translating Company also provides polygraphic layout services in accordance with printing offices’ requirements.
Layout and graphic design by EGO Translating Company’s experts always strictly comply with rules and standards so that our client receives a document prepared for editing, adding or any other further work.

The scope of layout works depends on the types of document provided, the client's requirements, the format and many other details. We offer various pricing schemes depending on the volume and complexity of layout works. These are defined in each individual case.

In most cases, comprehensive work is needed, i.e. layout is a service additional to translation. However, we are capable of providing DTP and graphic design-related services separately.

Our experience

EGO Translating Company has extensive experience in providing DTP and graphic design-related services for formatting various materials of any volume and complexity - including, for example, technical documentation for large-scale projects undertaken by companies such as Gazprom, INTER RAO, Power Machines, E4 Group, etc.