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Localization Services

So that you can be understood in any part of the globe

Information technology products such as software and web resources are spreading all over the world at tremendous rates. Each day, an increasing number of people master them across the world. For these products to be accessible, understandable, and usable, they should be subject to localisation when entering a new market.

Localisation of software and websites refers to a range of activities involving translation of content, software and websites into a foreign language. It also entails their cultural and linguistic adaptation for the intended country of use.

Along with the localisation of sites and various software, localisation of games, inquiry systems, and libraries is frequently required. EGO Translating Company offers a full array of such services throughout an exhaustive language list - whether a client simply wants a site to be translated into a foreign language or needs a comprehensive project to adapt its resources.

A range of services for successful task fulfilment

EGO Translating Company offers the following services within the framework of the localisation process:

  • Translation of website interface software;
  • Translation of accompanying documentation or texts;
  • Translation and adaptation of banners, announcements and slogans;
  • Adaptation of all content types - including images, table formats, figures, special signs, terms and more, in accordance with the language and cultural requirements of a country for which the software or site is intended;
  • Adaptation of interfaces in accordance with elements and texts in a target language;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our experience

EGO Translating Company is distinguished from numerous language service providers by its diversified experience in the localisation of software and websites for various clients, within a wide scope of works and using different languages. We have implemented comprehensive localisation projects for such companies as Malvern Instruments, ARMAN, WebVoice, and many more. Our work has included projects in complicated, highly specialised domains and rare languages.

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