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Translation Editing and Expert Translation Review

An expert approach for the highest quality of translation

In order to make a translation fully compliant with its various purposes and intended use, it may be accompanied by additional services such as editing by an industry expert, stylistic editing and proofreading.

Editing refers to examination of a text for translation, terminology and stylistic errors. Even a highly-qualified translator may not always accurately use highly specialised expressions and terms characteristic of a particular industry or domain.

Editing by a native speaker will ensure precise stylistic compliance of a target text with its purposes and intended use, including publication, as well as its compatibility with a foreign recipients’ mentality.

Proofreading involves checking for spelling and punctuation mistakes, completeness of the translation and correctness of formatting. This process is always included in the basic cost of translation.

Variety of services for the best result

EGO Translating Company offers several types of translation editing:

  • In case of translation from a foreign language into the Russian language — editing by an industry expert or stylistic editing;
  • In case of translation from the Russian language into a foreign language — (stylistic) editing by a native speaker or editing by an industry expert who is also a native speaker.

The cost of editing is determined as a 50% to 200% margin to translation cost, depending on the type of editing and the qualifications of experts engaged.

Expert translation review sees texts previously translated by any organisation or individual examined for compliance with the recognised translation standards. Following the results of such work, an expert review of translation quality is provided and translation may be further edited upon the client's request. Translation review may also be ordered when it is necessary to change a translation in accordance with insignificant amendments that have not been specifically marked in a source document. This allows the client to save money in comparison with the cost of translation of the full volume.

Our company also provides copywriting services, i.e. revision of a target text for appropriate conveyance of meaning. This type of editing is often used for translation of publicity or advertising texts and engages professional journalists.

Our experts can also perform transcreation, i.e. linguistic adaptation of a target text to cultural realia and particularities of a target audience for which the text is intended. This work results in creative translation, with a slight shift from precision in favour of stylistic attractiveness of the text and its customisation to foreign recipients’ mentality.

Our experience

Our extensive experience in supplying translation services across various areas of expertise, in ranging volumes, and with a variety of source languages distinguishes us among numerous language service providers.

Various types of editing accompany our major projects in various domains from fiction to medicine, high-tech industry and many others. Editing is frequently required when translating documentation that uses highly specialised terminology or has strict demands for translation precision, as well as in marketing and advertising texts, documents requiring cultural adaptation, and many other instances.

Our company performs expert translation review in large volumes and across all subject areas. We have extensive experience in providing translation review services for companies such as Group Е4, T-Systems and many others.