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Communication training

Training relating to communication, the most valuable skill in the information society, will enable you to develop personnel's communicative competence.

Communication is an art of interpersonal relations and creating a common sense between two and more people. It is the most valuable skill in the information society, where the role of information, its efficient transfer and processing, is a core driver of progress.

Communication can take a variety of forms, from intrapersonal and interpersonal to communication between small and large groups. Interaction in these forms can occur in different contexts, e.g. cross-cultural, business, conflict or persuasive.

The sheer diversity of communicational forms and contexts makes it crucial to acquire structured knowledge in this area. Many employers cannot afford the risks attributed to unprofessional information processing and employees' inability to express their thoughts, persist in their standpoint or resolve problems relating to cross-cultural and interpersonal interaction. Business partners should be able to coordinate their priorities and joint activities in order to facilitate mutual understanding. The abilities to attune, discover common goals and create partnerships are the most important aspects of communicative competence, which is a vital skill for anyone in today's world.

To ensure the development of communicative competence among its clients' personnel, EGO Translating University organises various training sessions in the following areas:

We offer you training courses in these formats:
1. Leadership communications — mastering advanced business interaction practices with the use of different tools for preliminary testing of personnel, teaching them new business skills and ascertaining efficiency of acquired knowledge.
2. Business communications and communicative audit of an organisation — mastering the best business communication practices from Harvard University.
3. Interpersonal and cross-cultural interaction — mastering general principles of interpersonal interaction, which will be useful in any area of your activity.
4. Conflictology and persuasion — mastering a wide array of conflict resolution and persuasive techniques for the creation of efficient positive impact tools.
5. Intelligence Instruments — a unique course on the use of efficient thinking skills for the development of communicative flexibility in diverse contexts.
6. The Art of Lincoln–Douglas Debates — a training course considering a series of skills associated with conduct of argumentative debates based upon the in-depth study of information.

One-day training events in the following areas:
1. The Art of Negotiation — involving the mastering of several basic techniques.
2. Know-How... — interactive seminars on different aspects of business communication.
3. Pocket Manuals on Interpersonal Efficiency — a series of mini lectures with interactive assignments based on the techniques of the University of Sunderland.
4. Particularities of Adaptation to Standards of Living and Working in Russia for Expatriate Senior Managers.
5. Distinguishing Features of the Russian Mentality and Particularities of Motivation of Russian Employees for Expatriate Senior Managers.

1. Emotional Intelligence in Implementing Large-Scale Cross-Cultural Projects.
2. Particularity of Corporate Culture in Western Companies, and Objectives of its Establishment and Development in Russian Subsidiaries.
3. Business in Scandinavian Counties — cross-cultural communication for Russian employees.
4. Overcoming Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Barriers within the Global International Supply Chain on Russia's Way to the WTO.
5. Psychological Self-Aid from Clayton Tucker-Ladd — a course on aspects of psychological defence.

1. The Role of Non-Verbal Elements in the Process of Cross-Cultural Communication.
2. Particularities of Cross-Cultural Interaction with Representatives of the Central Asian Countries
3. Extra-occupational Life in Russia and St. Petersburg (Interaction with Police, Visiting a Doctor etc.); Particularities of Cross-Cultural Communication.

Outdoor events:
Outdoor Training on Conducting Negotiations in Russia and Cultural Immersion for Expatriates.

Training courses and seminars from EGO Translating University will help you enhance your personnel's communicative competence, as well as bettering their understanding business partners and representatives of other cultures. Our business training sessions will acquaint you with the most widespread cultural patterns, the best cross-cultural negotiation practices, impactful and persuasive strategies for different countries. They will enable you to participate in interesting national ceremonies and routines.

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