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Industry-Specific Programmes And Glossaries

Learning a foreign language within a professional communication area requires training organisation based on industry-specific programmes, taking into account professional duties carried out by each employee in situations modelled by curriculum developers.

EGO Translating clients are attracted to the comprehensive nature of the services we provide. This trait is inherent in all of the company's centres, including the Centre for Training. Creation of foreign language training programmes in a professional communication area obviously requires significant knowledge of each industry, as well as the availability of accumulated termbases.

Our 20-year experience across more than 50 industries ensures that we has at our disposal an immense termbase comprising unique glossaries of highly specialised terms in various areas of expertise - encompassing definitions, comments, and examples. The company compiles such glossaries for any domain.

Our Centre for Corporate Training, EGO Translating University, has adapted existing glossaries to educational needs and has integrated them into its online training media. These glossaries laid the basis for the development of a unified terminology environment, EGO Term, which is primarily aimed at spreading subject-specific language knowledge within a corporate and/or project environment.

Alongside with glossaries, the unified terminology environment also comprises:
• A reference dictionary containing an assembly of words and providing information on their meaning, use, and translation into another language;
• An internal multilingual database represented by a systematised constellation of independent materials (articles and other similar materials);
• A customised industry-specific selection of external wiki-articles from the generally-accessible multilingual internet encyclopaedia, Wikipedia.

On the basis of these materials, EGO Translating Company has designed state-of-art industry-specific programmes, which provide the following advantages:
• Enhanced quality of training, thanks to the use of terminology approved by the client and accepted in the relevant industry;
• Thorough consistency of terminology throughout all projects (both translation and training).

The most popular industry-specific programmes are represented by a package of programmes for financial English language - Financial EGO - and a package of programmes for legal English language - Legal EGO. Upon completion of these courses, you will have a good command of professional financial and legal terminology and will be able to apply your language skills in real-life situations such as professional meetings and discussions, diplomatic meetings and negotiations; you will be able to clearly and accurately express your opinion and correctly draft texts of various types, including letters and memos.