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Cross-Cultural Communication Training

After attending cross-cultural communication training, you can easily cross borders, select a new place of residence - and travel all over the world

Cross-cultural communication entails interaction between representatives of different cultures. Under the conditions of technology development and with the appearance of new communication media, people are becoming closer to one another. We easily cross frontiers, select a new place of residence and travel all over the world. Even when going out in the streets of our local town, we inevitably face a great variety of cultures.

Without cross-cultural communication training we would hardly be able to learn the most widespread cultural patterns of information sharing and would find it hard to identify problems common to all cultures. EGO Translating Company provides seminars and training events that impact and inform strategies for different cultures, helping you to understand the particularities of business strategies applied by the French, the Japanese, the Americans, the Chinese, the Russians, the Arabs, the Indians, the Indonesians, the Mexicans, the Africans and representatives of other nations. In the course of our training events, you will take part in national ceremonies and routines, and conduct cross-cultural negotiations. As well as acquiring the skills necessary for international negotiations, you will gain an insight into different cultures’ in-depth structures: you will learn about major historical events in a country that interests you, as well as about its basic family values and main religions. Without studying such structures, it is impossible to understand the basics that underlie different peoples’ norms and principles of conduct. Cross-cultural communication training will help you better understand the ways of thinking in countries that concern you, and assist you in gaining a grasp of their values and points of view.

We offer you training courses in various formats:
1. Leadership communications — mastering advanced business interaction practices with the use of different tools for preliminary testing of personnel, teaching them new business skills and checking the efficiency of acquired knowledge.
2. Business communications and communicative auditing of an organisation — mastering the best business communication practices from Harvard University.
3. Interpersonal and cross-cultural interaction — mastering general principles of interpersonal interaction, which will be useful in any area of your activity.
4. Conflictology and persuasion — mastering a wide array of conflict resolution and persuasive techniques for the creation of efficient positive impact tools.
5. Intelligence Instruments — a unique course on the use of efficient thinking skills for the development of communicative flexibility in diverse contexts.
6. The Art of Lincoln–Douglas Debates — a training course considering a series of skills associated with conduct of argumentative debates based upon the in-depth study of information

One-day training events in the following areas:
1. The Art of Negotiation — involving the mastering of several basic techniques.
2. Know-How... — interactive seminars on different aspects of business communication.
3. Pocket Manuals on Interpersonal Efficiency — a series of mini lectures with interactive assignments based on the techniques from the University of Sunderland.
4. Particularities of Adaptation to Standards of Living and Working in Russia for Expatriate Senior Managers.
5. Distinguishing Features of the Russian Mentality and Particularities of Motivation of Russian Employees for Expatriate Senior Managers.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our international training courses on cross-cultural communication!