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Translation of Audio/Video Materials

We offer a full scope of services relating to translation of audio/video materials on any subject and of any volume

EGO Translating Company offers a full scope of services relating to translation of audio and video materials on any subject and of any volume. Translation of audio and video materials involves:

  • Compiling post-production scripts, i.e. transfer of an audio or video track to text format, including typesetting;
  • Setting time codes, i.e. specifying start and end times of speech segments for further synchronisation or dubbing;
  • Text translation;
  • Layout in any required format.

It is possible to order any of these services separately, or in combination with other services at the customer's discretion.

When audio or video records are transcripted, text is transferred to a word processing programme. Such translation requires stylistic editing which is included in the overall cost.

Translation costs

Translation costs depend on text volume, file duration, translation language, project urgency, text density, presence of graphic elements in a video and requirement as to their translation, and other factors. Therefore, costs are estimated differently in each individual case.

Furthermore, EGO Translating Company is capable of providing such services as audio and video material dubbing, subtitling and synchronising according to the client's requirements. Prices for these services are also defined individually upon request.

Our experience guarantees successful translation

EGO Translating Company has extensive experience of audio and video translation. We translate and synchronise videos for such clients as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara Region, National Sports Team Training Centre of Russia, Baker Hughes, and many more.

Our voice-over translation example.
Daniil Granin speech in Bundestag.