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Simultaneous Interpreting

Professional interpreters guarantee the success of your event

Every day, many different countries host events on a global scale, with their participants sharing important information and experience with one another. Simultaneous interpreting helps representatives of various cultures understand each other while communicating in their mother tongues.

Simultaneous interpreting entails interpreting simultaneously with a speaker. It usually engages two interpreters, who alternate every 15–20 minutes.

The complexity and uniqueness of simultaneous interpreting lies in the fact that an interpreter has no time to request explication or think over a phrase, he/she must deliver information no later than 3–5 seconds after a speaker. Simultaneous interpreting is generally used at large-scale events.

One particular type of simultaneous interpreting is whisper interpreting, when an interpreter whispers to a client simultaneously during the speaker’s delivery.

Our experience in simultaneous interpreting services

EGO Translating Company acts as an official linguistic partner and provides simultaneous interpreting services for the following international events:

  • Russian exhibition at Hannover-Messe 2013
  • International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM
  • International Islamic Business and Finance Summit KAZANSUMMIT
  • Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum
  • Europe+Asia Event Forum
  • International Conference of Russian Government Relations' Professionals GR Congress
  • St. Petersburg International Legal Forum
  • Philip Kotler's Marketing 3.0 Seminar
  • St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
  • “Russia — Country of Sports” Forum

Simultaneous interpreting for projects of any level

Simultaneous interpreting is not only used at large international conferences and seminars, but in everyday business life, e.g. during Skype conferences, webinars, BoD meetings and other important events.

EGO Translating Company is ready to provide simultaneous interpreting services for any event in a variety of industries and disciplines:

  • Workshops;
  • Congresses and conferences;
  • BoD meetings;
  • Symposia;
  • Webinars and online conferences.

Specific nature of simultaneous interpreting

When interpreting simultaneously, an interpreter tries to convey the meaning of an entire sentence instead of word-by-word interpreting. In his/her work, a professional interpreter takes into account all aspects of a large-scale event, including the fact that listeners perceive only a portion of the information delivered by a speaker. Therefore, it is crucial for an interpreter to understand the gist of what is being said and be able to convey information bearing in mind its meaning, significance and the client's interests.

Simultaneous interpreting is impossible without special equipment. Simultaneous interpreters stay in an isolation booth outfitted with headphone sets, with acoustic insulation ensuring that their voice does not dampen the speaker’s.

When preparing for an event that requires simultaneous interpreting, it is important to keep in mind that:

1. A simultaneous interpreter should see a speaker, their gestures and their facial expression. This helps him/her gain an insight into the speaker's emotions and thus facilitates listeners’ perception of the interpreted speech.
2. A speaker must have a microphone and be audible. In case of any problems with sound or technical setup, simultaneous interpreting will not be practicable..
3. A simultaneous interpreter should be provided with event-related materials, e.g. a programme, report synopsis and glossary. This will help him/her deliver prompt and high-quality interpreting.

When selecting a language service provider for your event, you should pay attention to a number of specific skills that simultaneous interpreters must be able demonstrate.

EGO Translating Company employs highly professional simultaneous interpreters, who:

  • Are persistent, attentive to detail and are able to ensure responsiveness of speech;
  • Have a professional degree;
  • Possess relevant experience;
  • Are able to control their intonation and voice.

The cost of simultaneous interpreting services is higher than that of consecutive interpreting. It is calculated individually depending on your requirements. Our manager will be glad to answer your questions — fell free to inquire right now!