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Translation of Personal Documents

Professional translation of personal documents guarantees you further success and achievement of your goals. Each aspect is significant, and only accurate and high-quality translation holds meaning.

EGO Translating Company has accumulated vast experience in providing personal document translation services from/to 88 world languages, both to Russian and foreign citizens. EGO Translating Company’s comprehensive approach to resolving clients’ tasks distinguishes it from the majority of language service providers.
Our managers always identify the most convenient options to match a client's needs. We are always ready to provide to you with a detailed consultation regarding document formalisation and translation in order to ensure the resolution of your tasks.
We will translate any document, from a passport to a medical epicrisis – not only to such popular languages as English, German, French, or Spanish, but also to the rarest ones.

Your tasks – our solutions

Translation of educational documents for studying abroad
If you or your child plan to continue studying at an educational institution abroad, you will necessarily need to have some documents translated or probably notarised.
A receiving party usually requests the following:
• Translated academic transcript or diploma with an attachment thereto;
• Translated school graduation certificate;
• Translated document providing a financial guarantee - e.g. a bank statement or a sponsor's letter;
• Translated birth certificate.
Please also note that a particular educational establishment may have its own requirements in terms of the documents necessary for your enrolment. A professional language service provider takes all possible aspects into consideration.

Translation of documents for employment abroad
In order to be employed abroad, you may be asked to provide documental proof of your degree and other qualifications. Then you will need to have previously-issued documents translated and, possibly, legalised with a consulate or endorsed with an apostille. It is likely that you will require:
• Translated diploma;
• Translated licences and certificates of further education;
• Translated recommendation or testimonial letters;
• Translated employment record book.
Along with that, an employer may ask you to provide translated and legalised certificates that prove you have no criminal conviction. Using our services, you will be able to translate all necessary documents in the required volume and in a short timescale.
We are glad to inform you that EGO Translating Company now provides an exclusive service —Preparation of a Curriculum Vitae compliant with European standards with subsequent editing by a native speaker. A CV is your self-portrait, the accurate compilation of which is a key to your career achievements. Contact us, and you will obtain a Curriculum Vitae to catch the eye of your potential employer.

Translation of documents for medical treatment abroad
Whether planning medical treatment, undergoing child delivery, or undertaking preventative procedures at overseas medical centres, one should take care of medical documents’ high-quality translation in advance. As a rule, in order to obtain access to medical services outside the Russian Federation, a patient must submit the following documents, translated into the foreign language, to the relevant healthcare facility:
• An abstract of medical records;
• An expert health status summary;
• A vaccination certificate and a certificate of HIV-negative status
This list can be expanded depending on a patient's individual requirements.

In this instance, selection of a language service provider should be scrupulous - your health and perhaps even your life will depend on correct translation. At EGO Translating Company, medical documents are translated by degree-qualified experts with diplomas in medicine. This work is performed under strict confidentiality conditions.

Translation of documents for purchase of real estate abroad
Purchasing real estate abroad requires serious preparation of respective documents, their subsequent translation, and consular legalisation or endorsement with an apostille. In order to professionally translate such documentation, a translator should be aware of the industry's peculiarities and know laws effective both in Russia and in the foreign country where real estate purchasing is planned.

We provide our clients with services related to the preparation and translation of the following documents:
• For processing a real estate purchase transaction abroad;
• For raising a real estate purchasing loan with a foreign bank.

Unlike some other language service providers, EGO Translating Company's dedicated team, working on preparation and translation of documents for transactions involving overseas foreign estates, has deep knowledge and vast practical experience in this domain and vast.

Some facts from our translation activity:
• More than 2,500 students from foreign higher educational institutions have translated their documents using our company.
• EGO Translating Company has prepared and translated documents for over 1,000 Russian citizens employed abroad.
• We have translated documents for 250 couples entering into a legal marriage abroad.
• Through our consultations and document translation services, Russian citizens have successfully purchased more 5,000 houses in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland and France over the last three years.

Cost and lead time for documents’ translation depend on their type and volume. Our managers will tell you in detail about how total cost of your order is calculated and what it comprises. Please do not forget to ask for information on possible discounts and special offers!

Our advantages

Advantages of cooperation with EGO Translating Company include:
• Consultations with expert managers and order acceptance on a seven-days-a-week basis;
• An invariably profitable combination of cost, timescale, and quality of services;
• Solution of even the most non-standard tasks;
• One-year warranty for each translation;
• Strict confidentiality.