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Linguistic audit

A linguistic (language) audit is a service that performs an in-depth analysis of foreign language competency development. This analysis helps obtain reliable results regarding the foreign language proficiency of personnel who use language as part of their professional communications.

It is recommended that this procedure is carried out before individual training routes are planned, in order that the clearest understanding of the corporate training’s goals and objectives is attained. Checks on development of foreign language competency may also be used as tools for quality control and training efficiency assessment and, therefore, may provide an overall supervisory function within a training process.

EGO Translating University offers internal and international language audits.

Internal language auditing

EGO Translating Company offers you a fast, unbiased and comprehensive assessment of the overall foreign language proficiency level among your company's employees. This procedure involves analysis of participants' language, speaking, socio-cultural and strategic competencies. The results of this assessment are submitted following an internal linguistic audit of personnel that uses state-of-art training media from EGO Translating University.

Technology for performance of an internal linguistic audit
EGO Translating Company uses seven stages in organising an internal linguistic audit:
1. Meeting with company's senior management in order to integrate a linguistic audit into a corporate plan;
2. Meeting with company's senior management in order to reveal departments’ responsibilities and determine areas of communication with foreign partners;
3. Analysis of departments’ language-related requirements and the employees being audited;
4. Compilation and conducting of tiered language tests, taking into account employees' responsibilities;
5. Analysis of how employees’ professional communicative competence complies with the anticipated level of competence development for a given position;
6. Submission of a report, with the audit results followed by suggestions regarding a corporate language policy and any training necessary for company staff.
7. Development of language requirements for new employees, to be set at recruitment.

International linguistic auditing

For international confirmation of language skills possessed by employees from different departments (Finances, Accounting, Legal and others), EGO Translating Company assists with preparation for those sitting professional examinations in foreign languages. Following the results of such examinations, our clients receive international certificates confirming the level of their foreign language proficiency for carrying out their professional duties.

Technology for performance of an international linguistic audit
To prepare for this type of linguistic audit, it is necessary to fulfil the following tasks:
1. Meeting with company's senior management in order to integrate a linguistic audit into a corporate plan;
2. Meeting with the company's management in order to identify areas of communication with foreign partners and determine departments to be audited;
3. Assessment of employees' language competence development, which will help adapt individual training routes and prepare staff for international professional examination as efficiently as possible;
4. Submission of a report with training suggestions on how to successfully pass international linguistic audits;
5. Preparation for taking professional examinations in order to obtain international certificates;
6. Performing of an international linguistic audit involving professional language examination and issuance of international certificates.