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Legalisation of Documents with the Chamber of Commerce

Conducting business overseas, as well as any other interaction with foreign contractual partners, requires the special preparation of corresponding documents. For business documentation to be legally binding in both business partners' countries, it must be translated into the respective languages and legalised in accordance with the established order.

A legalised document is one that has passed a validation procedure in the country in which it had been issued, in order to be effective in the territory of another country. So far as business documents are subject neither to consular legalisation nor to apostilisation, a solution in this case is to legalise such documents through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In the majority of cases, legalisation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is applicable to such business documents as:
• Contracts
• Agreements on sale and purchase/rent/lease/licensing arrangements
• Bills
• Invoices
• Consignments
• Price lists
• Transaction reports
• Commercial invoices
• Specifications
• Packing lists
• Quality certificates
• Warranty statements or letters of indemnity
• Test reports
• Release notes for shipment /instructions

For many years, EGO Translating Company has been providing services related to the legalisation of business documents with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. We are ready to legalise your documents both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow.

Stages of legalisation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
1) Translating a document;
2) Notarising the translator's signature;
3) Endorsing with a seal from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our advantages

Advantages of cooperation with EGO Translating Company include:
• Consultations with expert managers and order acceptance on a seven-days-a week basis;
• An invariably profitable combination of cost, timescale and quality of services;
• Solution of even the most non-standard tasks;
• One year warranty for each translation;
• Strict confidentiality.