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Centre for Military Translation


In order to streamline cooperation with organisations from the military-industrial complex, we have established a separate legal entity, EGO Translating SB LLC.

Resources and capabilities of the Centre for Military Translation:

  • More than 2,000 linguists with experience in various branches of the military-industrial complex;
  • Experts who have permits to work with information classified as state secret;
  • 88 working languages;
  • Over 600 glossaries specific to various branches of the military-industrial complex, comprising 123,000 terms

Comprehensive linguistic support for projects in the military-industrial complex:

  • Interpreting;
  • Translation;
  • DTP in any format;
  • Publishing translated materials;
  • All types of document legalisation;
  • Linguistic consulting and corporate training;
  • Analytical survey of foreign periodical publications.

The Centre for Military Translation offers:

  • Many years' experience on the military translation market;
  • Bespoke servicing capabilities;
  • Capability of fulfilling large-volume projects to high quality standards and with tight turnaround times;
  • Over 800 successful projects;
  • Over 200 clients throughout all branches of the industry.

EGO Translating SB is the only translation company in Russia with its own Classified Records Department, which enables us to process information classified as state secret using our own resources. For these purposes, the company's Classified Records Department has a separate certified information processing facility with 1B protection class. All support tools and systems available at the facility have passed compliance tests of the Federal Security Service.

Licence No. 6436 from the Federal Security Service of Russia
for work with information
classified as state secret
Licence No. 6437 from the Federal Security Service of Russia
for performing activities and providing services
aimed at the protection of state secrets

EGO Translating SB operations are under continuous control of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Inspections results prove that the Classified Records Department fully complies with the secrecy procedures established at the company, as well as its classified document management.