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Financial Translation Services

A unique terminological database – including more than 80,000 specialized terms – has been compiled for sector translations

Nowadays, the high-quality translation of financial documents is in high demand in the business world. However, at issue is not simply the translation of documents for companies doing business in the financial sector. It’s evident that banks, institutions and other financial-market players require professional translations of financial documents. However, any company with foreign partners or operating on the markets of two or more countries also needs the translation of financial documents. It is for precisely this reason that translations in the financial sector are in such great demand, and the bar for their quality is set high.

In order to generate a high-quality translation of financial documents, it is imperative to engage skilled translators who are not only proficient in the target language but are also competent in financial matters. The difficulty and unique feature of financial translation lies in the special attention that must be paid to the terms and expressions commonly used in the particular company’s business area. Requirements governing the compilation and content of financial documents can differ depending on the country involved, creating additional challenges for translators. Long years of experience in providing translations in the financial sector have allowed our professionals to accumulate and develop a unique terminological database including more than 80,000 specialized terms.

Our Company’s professionals have the skills required for rendering high-quality financial translations. The Company’s translators boast a wealth of experience in working with corporate financial documents, in particular – auditor’s reports, analytical reports, financial documents drawn up according to IFRS, accounting documents drafted according to Russian accounting standards, banking documents, business plans, credit requests, licenses, various certificates, etc.

As a result of the rapid advancement of communications, global ties are becoming closer – especially in the business world. Consequently, the list of languages in which deals are being struck is expanding. The following languages are currently in the highest demand in terms of financial-sector translations: English, German, French, Italian, Arab, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish. Business development in some regions of the world is helping to further expand the list of contract languages.

On the whole, the Company has translated more than 200 projects in the financial sector, the most voluminous of which involve the translation of financial documents for big commercial banks, investment funds, state agencies and international organizations. Sberbank, HSBC Bank and Vnesheconombank are among the Company’s major clients engaged in business activities in the financial sector.